Berrien County Cancer Service


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2024 Newsletters

January 2024 Topic: Grateful for 76 years
February 2024 Topic: Season of Love
March 2024 Topic: Spring Fever & Bowling Event
April 2024 Topic: Volunteer Dinner & Pizza Hut Give Back Night

May 2024 Topic: Pennies for Patients

2023 Newsletters

January 2023 Topic: New Year New Start
February 2023 Topic: The Season of Love
March 2023 Topic: Colorectal Cancer Awareness
April 2023 Topic: Esophageal Cancer Awareness
May 2023 Topic: 75 Years of Compassionate Care
June 2023 Topic: Cancer Survivor Month
July 2023 Topic: Sarcoma & Bone Cancer Awareness
August 2023 Topic: Sun Safety Month & Double Giving
September 2023 Topic: September & October Events
October 2023 Topic: Pink Party & Pink Cancers Month
November 2023 Topic: Honoring Caregivers
December 2023 Topic: Happy Holidays

2022 Newsletters

December 2022 Topic: A Time of Celebration
November 2022 Topic: Legacy Giving
October 2022 Topic: Breast Cancer
September 2022 Topic: Cancer in All Colors
August 2022 Topic: Summer Safety Month
July 2022 Topic: Sarcoma & Bone Cancer Awareness Month
June 2022 Topic: Survivorship
May 2022 Topic: Brain, Bladder, Melanoma/Skin, & National Cancer Research Month
April 2022 Topic: Esophageal, Head & Neck, and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
March 2022 Topic: Multiple Myeloma, Colon, Rectal, and Kidney Cancer Awareness Month
February 2022 Topic: National Cancer Prevention Month
January 2022 Topic: Cervical Cancer Awareness

2021 Newsletters

December 2021 Topic: Tips for the Holiday Season
November 2021 Topic: Pancreatic, Lung, Stomach, and Carcinoid Cancers; Honoring Caregivers
October 2021 Topic: Breast and Liver Cancers
September 2021 Topic: Leukemia, Lymphoma, Uterine, Ovarian, Prostate, Thyroid, and Childhood Cancers
August 2021 Topic: Community Health Workers
July 2021 Topic: Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month
June 2021 Topic: National Cancer Survivor Month
May 2021 Topic: Brain and Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month
April 2021 Topic: Esophageal, Head, Neck, & Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
March 2021 Topic: Colorectal, Kidney and Multiple Myeloma
February 2021 Topic: Prevention and Gallbladder Cancer
January 2021 Topic: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

2020 Newsletters

December 2020 Topic: How to Cope with Cancer During the Holiday
November 2020 Topic: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
October 2020 Topic: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
September 2020 Topic: ______ Awareness Month
August 2020 Topic: Community Health Care Worker Appreciation
July 2020 Topic: National Ultraviolet Safety Month
June 2020 Topic: National Cancer Survivors Month
May 2020 Topic: Covid19, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness
March 2020 Topic: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
February 2020 Topic: World Cancer Awareness Month
January 2020 Topic: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

2019 Newsletters

December 2019 Topic: Survivor Story
November 2019 Topic: Pancreatic and Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Month
October 2019 Topic: Breast and Liver Cancer Awareness Month
September 2019 Topic: Childhood Cancer Awareness
August 2019 Topic: Lung Cancer Awareness Month
July 2019 Topic: Sarcoma Awareness Month
June 2019 Topic: Liver Cancer Awareness Month
May 2019 Topic: Bladder and Brain Cancer Awareness Month
April 2019 Topic: Oral and Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
March 2019 Topic: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
February 2019 Topic: World Cancer Awareness Month
January 2019 Topic: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

2018 Newsletters

December 2018 Topic: Cancer Awareness Month
November 2018 Topic: Pancreas Cancer Awareness Month
October 2018 Topic: Survivorship
September 2018 Topic: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
August 2018 Topic: Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month
July 2018 Topic: Sarcoma Awareness
June 2017 Topic: Who are Cancer Survivors?
May 2018 Topic: Thymoma and Thymic Cancer
April 2018 Topic: Cancer and Aging
March 2018 Topic: Endometrial Cancer
February 2018 Topic: Merkel Cell Carcinoma
January 2018 Topic: Childhood Brain & Spinal Cord Tumors